PhD in education

RVOE 20182127

To train doctors in the area of education with a high-level scientific-educational and research character that develop procedures and research techniques allowing the support of their professional work in the theories of education, applying strategies of collection, planning, management and administration of educational institutions, as well as addressing the educational phenomenon from the analysis, design and curricular evaluation, embedded in the national legal framework, creating proposals that improve education from research with critical sense and social responsibility.

Learning units


Mastery of main learning theories.

Specialized knowledge in areas of teaching and educational administration.

Various means, tools, strategies and techniques of educational evaluation.

The main paradigms of educational research, their approaches and methodologies that allow the analysis and studies of educational problems through theoretical, methodological approaches and instruments that are adapted to the nature and specificity of said problem.

Extensive knowledge of the fundamental areas of education such as: epistemology, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, didactics, educational innovation and research methodology.


Facilitate, contribute and increasing the efficiency of educational tasks, allowing the distribution of knowledge and information to different sectors of the population.

To train doctors with a high sense of responsibility and social commitment, formed in ethical values, counting on habits and positive attitudes towards work.

Study, evaluate and project a student-centered educational paradigm.

Positive, analytical and critical to the economic, political, social and technological environment.

In an individual and collaborative way, respect for the opinion of others and responsibility towards their social environment.

Proactive in constant search for new alternatives in education.

Respecting their students according to their dignity as a person, fostering an attitude of support and development of potentialities.


Diagnose the main areas of opportunity in the education process.

Design, operate and evaluate educational process management strategies.

Use different information and communication technologies in teaching and research.

Plan, conduct and evaluate educational research and development processes at different levels and contexts.

Solve educational problems based on extensive knowledge in the field of new technologies applied to education or administration.

Design innovative educational interventions at the curricular and instructional level.

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