PhD in Law

RVOE 20182126

The graduate of the doctorate in law will have knowledge of the accusatory and oral criminal system; will be able to interpret criminal theory and the composition of legal elements of crimes, as well as apply the resources of oral trials in criminal matters in the resolution of cases and advice to individuals and / or legal entities; in the same way, the interpretation of medical-forensic and criminal evidence and expert opinions, generating legislative and judicial proposals in the field of legal science, with innovative investigations that incorporate knowledge and analysis of the law as a whole.

Learning units


The resources that proceed within a procedure and oral sentence in the criminal field.

The main rectors within the new criminal process and the importance of the expert opinion.

The means of criminal evidence and the importance of the expert opinion.

The integration of the research folder and its presentation in the oral proceedings.

The penal reforms regarding orality at the constitutional level.

The constitutional guarantees and human rights in criminal matters and the origin of the defense judgment in oral proceedings.

The formulation of assumptions and methodological guidelines, starting from the observation of reality in the context of legal sciences in criminal matters.

The role of forensic and criminal medicine in criminal matters.


Promoter of research in all disciplines, particularly in those of his professional competence in the legal field.

Responsibility in his performance as a public servant, always offering the best of his professional skills.

Respect for the established legal order and the fundamental rights of individuals.

Critical judgment in the face of new legal systems and their application in orality in problem solving.

Interest in increasing their knowledge in the legal-criminal sciences.

Professional ethics in their professional activities, as a representative of individuals or legal entities before the ministerial authorities.

Ethical conception of law, linked to the specific activities of the legal-criminal sciences.


Investigation of multidisciplinary elements that serve society in the legal field.

Identify the participation of the subject of the crime and the degree of attempt.

Apply the law integrating aspects to the general structure of the current criminal code.

Recognize the elements, classification and theories to understand punishable in the event of a crime contest.

Examine the characteristics of the various courts in special matters.

Attention to the International Criminal Court and its current status.

Apply criminal procedures in legal trials and oral judgments.

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