Executive University of the State of Mexico

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Mexican Executive Institute

We are an educational institution committed to the quality of teaching and training of highly competitive professionals.

Excellent installations

We have optimal classrooms fully equipped for better performance, of which we can highlight a room for oral trials which allows exponentiation for the use of Law students, we also have a booth for students in speech, these facilities being the headquarters of the UEEM.

We offer endless opportunities to promote comprehensive training, such as our conference room, radio station, auditoriums and more.

Executive University of the State of Mexico

We have at your disposal Baccalaureate, 7 Bachelor's degrees, 3 Master's degrees, 2 Doctorates and 10 Diplomas. All of them with their own RVOES before the Federal Public Secretariat.

We adapt to your times, as we have three types of schedules: Morning, Evening and Mixed. As well as three modalities: Executive, School and Online.

Single High School

We have cutting-edge systems designed for people with the desire to professionalize without putting their work activities aside, achieving in just 6 months to obtain their high school certificate with recognition and official validity by the Mexican Government.
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Bachelors Degrees

The degrees that UEEM offers you will help you open the doors to better job opportunities.
Take the first step towards your dream career! our degree programs are designed so that you can obtain it at the end of your studies. We are the first University to offer the Speech's Bachelor at National Level.

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International Exchanges

Thanks to the International Agreements signed with the Máximo Gómez Báez University, the University of Medical Sciences, located in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, and with the IDET high school, The Executive University of the State of Mexico has the privilege of offering all Courses, Trainings, Bachelor's degrees, Diplomas, Specialties and Internships that both Universities have as an educational offer, through a Cultural Exchange in our sister Republic of Cuba.
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Based on the notarial instrument as the Executive University of the State of Mexico marks it in its statutes, we offer Diplomas in Aesthetic Reconstructive Medicine, Gerontology and Naturopathy.
Studying an UEEM Diploma will help you to update your knowledge and skills in different ways in less time, growth professionally and be ready for new opportunities
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The Master's or postgraduate degree will help you to become a more competent professional with a more attractive profile for the labor market. We have 3 own Master's degrees with recognition of official validity and compliance with the SEP.

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Doctorates (PhD)

The doctorate is the last and most important academic degree conferred by a university or educational institution, whose primary purpose is to prepare professionals in the proper handling of tools correctly, the emission and reception of content through pedagogical techniques that allow intervening in the process of political, economic and cultural development of society.
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Online school

Online training is a study system that is established as one of the methodologies suitable for learning, thanks to the educational offer and its flexible hours, allowing you to take it from anywhere.

Online School

It is time to organize study times at your pace of life.

Our academic offer provides a wide range of courses to study, and even if you already have previous knowledge in some area, it gives you the opportunity to expand it by this means.

Access to the Online School

Rector's welcome

Dear student, for us it is a pleasure to contribute to the formation of your professionalization, we respect our laws, as well as the reforms, for this reason, we have remained at the forefront of educational models that lead us to the field of competition, with full security We add our graduated professionals to the social role. I am accompanied by a group of highly trained teachers committed to the true transformation of society. Our institution has the doors open for you.

Doctor of Education José Levi Domínguez Moreno
Rector Executive University of the State of Mexico

Radio frequency UEEM

Project through your voice, the control of your body and the handling of information the concept of the radio or television program that you host according to the production scripts.


We are the first University to offer the Bachelor's Degree in Voice-Over at the National Level, with first-class facilities and we are the only university with the RVOE of Voice-Over in all of Mexico.

We have the appropriate tools for the structure of the chronicle, analysis, commentary, and narration within the practice, as well as the basic knowledge and skills necessary for the exercise of radio locution and production with tools, techniques, and practices in the use of voice as Instrument and companion audio editing software management

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